for parents

In carrying out our mission, we pay great attention to parents.

In the first 7, parents and we, as a representative of an institution specializing in providing care and development of children, are the role models of experience and knowledge for children. To provide the best foundation, we must make an effort and act in sync. The laying of a health foundation, from an early age, is guaranteed even for a successful school stage later on in the development of children.

As in many other areas, it is difficult to present the “best” example of a pedagogic style. Each child is unique and it is good to be individually approached however, there are some generally applicable guidelines.

Holding monthly meetings with parents provides an opportunity to discuss the basic rules regarding upbringing and development of children. Feedback and sharing of difficult moments and situations which parents meet have a strong therapeutic and calmful effect. A stressful daily life makes parenting the more difficult task so the secure environment and the support we offer is of great help.