Identifying and

Supporting a child in their areas of interest and strength are crucial to their chances of success at a high level later on in life.

This can be done through valuing a child’s efforts and creativity in these areas, and through providing opportunities for them to develop both their areas of interest and strength, and their mental skills that can lead to outstanding success. Early discovery and development of talents in a child saves aimless wandering later in life. This is proved by the biographies of famous and successful people, because success is a combination of talent and hard work. Much of the dissatisfaction with professional life is due to people doing something they don’t like and having to put in it a lot of effort.

That is why we in Palavite malchugani observe carefully interests, curiosity and behaviour of the children in variety of activities we offer. In this way, we provide them with opportunities to develop both their areas of interest and talent, as well as their cognitive skills, which can lead to exceptional success.